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Cyngor Caerdydd

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Defnyddiwch eich cod post i ddod o hyd i gynghorwyr, cyfleusterau, dalgylchoedd ysgol lleol a mwy.

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Cyngor Caerdydd

Beth sy’n digwydd os byddaf yn derbyn HTC

The Council’s Civil Enforcement Officers patrol the City to deter drivers from committing parking contraventions and to keep Cardiff moving.

There are also mobile CCTV units which complement our on-street Officers in problem areas where traditional enforcement methods may not be appropriate. 

Any vehicles found to be parking in contravention of Cardiff’s parking regulations will be issued a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN). 

The penalty will either be £50.00 or £70.00 depending on the type of contravention. This will be reduced by 50% if paid within 14 days. 

If you receive a PCN then you must decide whether to pay the penalty or whether to appeal

What happens if I ignore the PCN?

If you ignore the PCN then the penalty will increase and the Council will apply to have the outstanding amount registered with the Traffic Enforcement Centre as a debt, which will then become recoverable as if it were payable under a county court order. Further legal costs will be incurred.