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Additional learning needs

​​​​Identifying additional learning needs

Find out how additional learning needs are identified.

Process in schools for ALN​

Information on how a school should manage a child or young person's ALN.

Person centred approach and meetings

Information on person centred approach and meetings.

Individual development plans

Find out how individual development plans are created and maintained.

Getting help from the school

Information on getting help from the school and what responsibilities they have.

Getting help from the council​

Information on getting help from the council and what responsibilities we have.

Reconsiderations, disagreement resolution, advocacy, and tribunal

Information on what to do if you disagree with a decision.

Ceasing an individual development plan

Find out why an individual development plan might be stopped or how to stop your individual development plan.

Early years

Information on the ALN process for children aged 0 to 5.

Post 16

Information on the ALN process for young people aged 16 and over.

Elective home education

Information on elective home education for a child or young person with ALN.

Supporting learners with healthcare needs

Information on what support will be provided for children or young people with healthcare needs.

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