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Disagreement Resolution, Advocacy and Tribunal

A child, parent, carer, or a young person can ask the local authority to reconsider the decision of the school regarding the child or young person's needs.

The local authority must then decide whether the child or young person has an additional learning need or not. When this happens, the local authority must inform the school of the request and ask for further information from them. The local authority may or may not uphold the school's decision. If the local authority does not uphold the school's decision, it may direct the school to write an IDP.

If a child, parent, carer, or young person is unhappy with the IDP, they can request the local authority to reconsider the plan.  The local authority may revise the plan, tell the school to revise the plan, or confirm the plan is appropriate. 

Where the plan is maintained by the school, a child, young person, their parent, carer, or school can also request that a local authority take over responsibility for maintaining the plan from the school. 

The local authority must decide whether to take over the plan (unless it has previously made a decision and the child or young person's needs have not changed significantly and there is no new information to effect the decision). Where the local authority decides that it will not take over the plan, the child and parent or carer, or young person must be informed of this in writing.


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