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​​Cardiff Council no longer have compost bins, wormeries and water butts available for sale.  If you would like to start composting at home, these items are available to buy from hardware stores and garden centres.​
  • You can buy a compost bin or make one yourself. Make sure the bin has a lid to stop the compost becoming water logged when it rains
  • Put your compostable garden clippings and compostable food waste, such as peelings, egg shells and tea bags,​ into the compost bin
  • Spreading a little ready-made compost will help the pile get going. You can also buy compost accelerants from garden centres
  • Keep the compost pile moist; it should be damp to the touch, but not wet
  • Leave the pile for about a week, the compost will begin to bake and get warm. This is part of the natural rotting process
  • Add air to the pile by stirring or turning with a fork
  • Your pile will get smaller. This is a good sign that the compost is being formed. If the compost begins to go slimy, add some cardboard for extra fibre
  • If you mix the pile every week, it should be ready in about two months. If you don't turn the mix it may take up to a year to form compost


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