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What if I live in a flat

​​​We can offer general guidelines for flats that have a council waste collection, but every flat in Cardiff is different so your collection arrangements will depend on how your building is managed. 


You can check this with your property manager, landlord or management company. 


Blocks of flats with council waste collections
Dry recycling Food waste General waste Garden waste
 Green recycling bag
Large green bin
 Brown food caddy
 Large black bin

 Green garden waste bin
Once a week Once a week Every 2 weeks

Garden waste collections this winter - changes to service​​

What goes in my green bag? What goes in my food waste caddy Non-recyclable waste only. What goes in my garden waste bin?

Place your green recycling bags in you communal green bin.


Do not place black bags in the green bin as your recycling will not be collected if this happens.


Green bags are available at local stockists or order online.

*If you live in a flat and your building has a concierge service, please check with your concierge whether they stock green bags, before making an order.

Use caddy liners in your kitchen caddy and transfer to the communal brown food waste bin.  


Do not use plastic bags.


Food caddy liners are available at local stockists or order online

*If you live in a flat and your building has a concierge service, please check with your concierge whether they stock food caddy liners, before making an order.​

You may use any type of bag apart from green recycling bags to collect waste before putting it into your communal wheeled bin.


Only the contents of your bin will be collected.


Bins blocked by bulky waste or extra bags cannot be emptied.

Many flats with gardens will be maintained by grounds maintenance.


If you have green wheeled bin for communal garden waste, you must not use bags inside this bin.  Please put garden waste loose inside this bin.


If your garden bin has been lost or stolen, contact your landlord, caretaker or building management company to ask them to order a replacement from the Council by phoning C2C on 2087 2087.

Incorrect presentation of waste may result in a fixed penalty notice of up to £100.
Pay a fixed penalty notice

If there is no food waste communal bin, contact your property manager to talk about the possibility of starting a food waste collection with the council.


Recycling and waste in your building poster (686kb PDF)​​​​​​​​​​Link opens in a new window

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