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View planning applications and decisions

​​​​Planning applications are public record.

You can use our planning site​​ to: 

  • view, track and comment on planning applications 
  • view decisions online

You can get updates online by tracking the application. 

Building regulations are not available to the public, please email for building regulation enquiries. 


There is no charge for registering online

  • You will need an email address and be asked to give us your first and last name.
  • When on the site, click the ‘register’ button.
  • Fill in the sections of the form. Sections marked with a star (*) must be filled in to complete your registration.
  • You will be asked to generate a password.
  • Once you click ‘submit’ you will be sent a confirmation email to the address you give. You must click the link in the email to finish your registration. 

Logging in


  • Once registered, just click the ‘login’ tab on the planning site.
  • You will need to type in your email address and your password to login

There are four different ways you can search for a current plann​ing application online ​depending on how much information you have about the application you want to find. 

You can search for: 

  • specific applications
  • browse through lists in a particular postcode or street by street. You access each type of search by clicking on the ‘tabs’ above the search box on the page.

(You do not need to register online or be logged in to carry out searches, although if you are not logged in you will not be able to save searches or make comments.)


Simple: Allows you to put in a full or partial post code, or the single line of an address, such as a street name, a keyword or by putting in all or some of the reference number. The reference number is ten digits and will always follow the format of 12/12345/ABC. You can use a wild card search using the percentage symbol ‘%’ if you don’t know the full reference number, for example, 01/1234%.  The reference number should be clearly displayed on all public notices and paperwork relating to the application. 


Advanced: This allows you to put in more detailed information about the application you are trying to find and is useful if you need to bring up a specific application. You can search using relevant dates, the name of the person who made the application, or a variety of other factors.


Weekly or monthly lists:  Every week on a Friday we publish information about all current and recently decided planning applications in a list form. You can, however, search for an application using the date and optional additional information such as Status or what Cardiff ward it is in obtaining data in real time.


Property: You can search for planning applications by entering some or all of the address where the work is planned. You can do a straight address search if you know these details, or click the 'A to Z Street Search' button for any applications in Cardiff listed street by street.


When you click on the application you want it will bring up all related documents, outlines, pictures and plans.

You must be registered online and logged in.

When the search results are listed there are three additional options if you are logged into the system.
These are listed side by side to the top right of the search results. They are:  

  • Refine Search – which allows you to change the search criteria 
  • Save Search  –​ this will save the search to your profile and will bring up the search every time you log in to the system unless you remove it. There is an additional option at this stage to get alerts by email of any changes (such as new planning applications added) to your search. For example you could set up a search for planning applications on your street and you would be notified by email of any new applications. 


Printable version – this opens a new window in your browser and displays a printer-friendly version of your search results

You must be registered online and logged in.

  • ​Find the specific planning application you want and click the ‘Comments’ tab.
  • If you are logged in all your personal details will automatically appear. Please make sure to check these carefully before submitting your comment.
  • ​Your address, telephone number or email address will not be published with your comment.

You must be registered online and logged in.

  • There is no charge for this service
  • You must display the specific application you want to track on screen, not your general search results or a list of applications.
  • Click the 'track' tab.
  • This application will now be saved under 'Tracked Applications' and can be viewed every time you log on by clicking the 'My Profile' tab.
  • When you are tracking an application you will be notified by email using the address given during registration every time there is a change to the application.
  • You can track multiple applications at the same time.
  • Stop tracking by logging in, clicking 'My Profile' then 'Tracked Applications' and clicking the red cross next to the application(s) you no longer wish to track. ​

In person or through the post​

To make an appointment to view a historic (Pre 2007) planning application, or for further details, contact us.

​If you have any questions, or if you are unable to find the planning application you want, contact us for advice on how to use our online system or how to contact neighbouring councils. 

Object to a planning application.

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