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Stronger Fairer Greener

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​​​​​Stronger Fairer Greener are the themes that have defined the work of the Council over the past decade, and they will be at the heart of everything we do over the next five years.

  • ​A stronger city, with an economy creating and sustaining well-paid jobs, with an education system that helps our young people reach their potential, with good, affordable housing in safe, confident and empowered communities, all supported by well resourced, efficient public services.

  • A fairer city, where the opportunities of living in Cardiff can be enjoyed by everyone, whatever their background, where those suffering the effects of poverty are protected and supported, where a fair day’s work receives a fair day’s pay, and where every citizen is valued and feels valued.

  • A greener city which, through our One Planet Cardiff programme, takes a lead on responding to the climate emergency, which celebrates and nurtures biodiversity, with high-quality open spaces within easy reach for rest and play which are connected by convenient, accessible, safe sustainable transport options.

In our report, we set out the practical steps we will take over the next five years to turn this ambition into reality.

In each portfolio, you will see commitments to our city’s young people. Our commitments are based on providing early help and family support to all that need it, on taking school investment and education improvement to new levels and supporting the transition to the world of work and further education. They are based on caring for our most vulnerable young people and making sure that Cardiff is a great place to grow up for all young people. They are based on having great parks, green spaces and play areas for our young people, access to the sporting and cultural assets of our capital city and making sure that the voice of young people is heard in our decision-making. In short, we are putting children and young people front and centre of our ambitions for the city.

Similarly, our programme contains commitments to close the gap between rich and poor in our city and, most urgently, tackle the cost-of-living crisis. We have been clear that education is the surest route out of poverty, and this needs to be complemented by a programme that will make sure that good jobs continue to be available in Cardiff – good jobs, paying a fair wage, with security and the offer of career progression – with the right support available to access them.

We will tackle the city’s housing crisis. Not only have we built the first Council homes in Cardiff in a generation, but they have been award-winning homes delivered as part of one of the largest Council housebuilding programmes in the UK. But we know that we need to go further and faster if we are to meet the scale of the housing challenge facing the city. That is why we are raising our ambitions even further and pledging to deliver 4,000 new homes by 2030.

From a high of over 130 people, and the scandal of tens of people living in tents on our streets and parks, there are now only 11 people sleeping rough on our streets. That is still 11 too many, but we are committed to making sure that the radical approach – that we adopted with partners during the pandemic – remains ‘business as usual.’ There will be no going back.

This administration is committed to leading a response to the climate emergency. We are already delivering our One Planet Cardiff Strategy. A solar farm, the first in a programme of energy schemes under development, is now providing the city with clean, renewable energy, and our housing schemes are winning national awards for their climate resilience and low-carbon footprint. Nowhere is the shift to net zero more evident than in our approach to transport. Over 15 kilometres of new cycleways will soon be delivered, 36 new electric buses have been added to the municipal bus fleet, and communities across the city are safer for pedestrians and cyclists thanks to the roll-out of 20mph zones. All of this forms part of a transformative transport agenda that will change how people move around the city, by making it easier, safer, healthier and cheaper to use active travel and public transport.

We have come through one of the most challenging periods in living memory. As leader of this city, I could not be prouder of how we came together in response to the pandemic. For all the challenges that the pandemic brought, and continues to bring in its wake, there is equally no doubt in my mind that it has brought out the best in our public services, our businesses, our communities, and our city. On behalf of the Council and of the citizens of Cardiff, my deepest thanks go to everyone who played their part. Now is the time to look to the future with optimism, taking the dynamism and drive, the partnership working and innovation, the passion and commitment of our pandemic response into the great work of renewal.

As leader of this Council, I am privileged to work with talented and dedicated people committed to the success of this city: my Cabinet colleagues and fellow Councillors; our brilliant staff and public service partners; businesses and community and faith leaders; my trade union colleagues; our  universities, schools, and further education leaders. And most importantly, the people of our great city.

Together, Team Cardiff.

I’m looking forward to working with you all to make Cardiff a Stronger, Fairer, Greener capital city.

Councillor Huw Thomas, Leader of Cardiff Council​


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