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Cardiff Council

Housing and Communities commitments

​​​​Councillor Thorne

To tackle the housing crisis in Cardiff, my priority will be expanding our award-winning Council house building programme. Over the past five years we have built 706 Council homes, but over the next five we need to go further and faster. We will focus too on helping those renting in the private sector, where rents are rising and standards are too often too low, including supporting those who are suffering as a result of the cladding scandal.

During the pandemic, we took radical action to help people off our streets. Rough sleeper numbers fell from over 100 to under 10, and we intend to keep it low, with our preventative, multi-agency approach to supporting people off the streets.

We will continue to invest in our communities, through our expanding network of Community and Wellbeing Hubs and through an enhanced programme of community and district centre regeneration schemes. Allied to this, we will continue to work with the Police to make sure communities in Cardiff are safe, tackle anti-social behaviour and, together, do all we can to prevent people, particularly our young people, from falling into crime or being exploited by criminals.

We will:

  • Deliver an expanded Council housebuilding programme to increase the Council’s housing stock by a further 1,500 units minimum, focusing on zero-carbon homes.
  • Increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions through a Housing Energy Efficiency Retrofit programme across all tenures of housing, reaching 2,000 domestic retrofits per year by 2024.
  • Work with Welsh Government and partners to help address the cost of renting in the private sector and raise standards, including exploring the feasibility of community-led housing and introducing further charges on empty properties.
  • Continue to support victims of the Cladding/Fire Safety scandal, working with Welsh Government to provide practical interventions, such as installing fire sprinkler systems where appropriate and pressuring developers to provide redress.
  • Continue our ‘No Going Back’ approach to keep rough sleeping at record low levels.
  • Deliver a trauma-informed, public health-based approach to positively impact the lives of vulnerable people, especially those with streetbased lifestyles.
  • Improve the quality of our supported accommodation, including delivering the supported housing schemes for single people at Adams Court and for families at Harrison Drive.
  • Prevent youth homelessness and ensure that young people leaving care are supported by:

    - Reviewing and advancing advice in mediation services.
    - Reviewing and increasing capacity within the young person’s gateway accommodation.
    - Developing the Citadel supported housing scheme for young people with complex needs.

  • Expand our Neighbourhood Regeneration programme and publish a new strategy to support district and local centres, based on 15-minute city placemaking principles.
  • Deliver even more Community and Wellbeing Hubs with partners, focused on areas with lower access levels, including a Youth Hub in the city centre and new provision at the Ely Youth Hub. We will also deliver new Health and Wellbeing Hubs at Maelfa, Ely and Caerau and on strategic planning sites.
  • Deliver the ‘Michaelston College’ multigenerational wellbeing village, bringing older person and family housing, as well as health, housing and community facilities, together into one sustainable and transformational project.
  • Develop older persons housing that supports independent living across the city, including care ready flats in Rumney, Maelfa and St Mellons, and apartments and flats in Canton, Bute Street and Moorland Road.
  • Create more resilient communities by expanding the targeted multi-agency problem-solving group approach to anti-social behaviour hotspots, including deploying CCTV in problem areas.
  • Approve, in partnership with Community Safety Partnership members, a new Violence Prevention Strategy focused on preventing young people from falling into crime or criminal exploitation.
  • Work with partners to tackle all forms of violence against women and girls, domestic abuse and sexual violence, and take action to strengthen the support available to victims, including agreeing an updated Violence against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence strategy and undertaking a full review of refuge accommodation in the city by March 2023.
  • Continue to make the case to UK Government for additional funding to cover the cost of policing our capital city, as is the case in other UK capitals.


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