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Cardiff Council

Leader of Cardiff Council's commitments

​​​Councillor Thomas

​Building on the progress of the last five years, we will continue to develop a powerhouse economy that delivers economic prosperity, not just for the residents of Cardiff, but for the people of Wales.

We will also continue to lead the response to the climate emergency by accelerating the transition to a net zero Council and convening a city-wide approach to climate change. And, crucially, we will make Cardiff a fairer city, where the opportunities and advantages of living here can be enjoyed by everyone, whatever their background.

This will mean working with partners – across all sectors, across all levels of Government and across regional and national boundaries – to deliver a stronger, fairer, greener city.

e will:

  • Work with Welsh Government and UK Government to ensure that Cardiff is supported and the capital’s economic and cultural assets are fully leveraged in the post-pandemic recovery.
  • Through the Cardiff Public Services Board, play a leading role in convening cross public service collaboration to address complex problems that can only be tackled by working together.
  • Play a leading role in the Capital Region, including developing strategic economic development, transport and planning strategies, as well as governance and delivery arrangements that support Cardiff’s role as the economic, cultural and leisure centre of the region.
  • Support Cardiff and the Capital Region economy by ensuring the Levelling Up Fund and Shared Prosperity Fund are focused on strategic projects that deliver for the city and its region.
  • Work with the Western Gateway to deliver investment into strategic infrastructure across South Wales and South West England, including improving train connectivity and reducing journey times to Bristol, Swansea and London.
  • Work alongside Core Cities UK to ensure that the voice of British cities is heard by decision makers in Welsh and UK Government.
  • Lead a bilingual capital city where Welsh is spoken and supported in our schools, our workplaces and our communities.
  • Deliver the ‘One Planet Cardiff’ response to the climate emergency, accelerating the transition to net zero by putting sustainable development at the heart of everything we do as a Council.
  • Lead a partnership with our city’s universities and higher education sector, focussing on student and community life, economic development, student mental health and safety, and the transition to net zero.
  • Continue to modernise and join up our public services, taking the innovation of the Covid-19 response into the work of recovery and renewal.


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