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Cardiff Council

Transport and Strategic Planning commitments

​​​Councillor De'Ath

Our ambition for transport is to fundamentally transform the way people move around the city, reducing the dependency on private cars whilst making it easier, safer and cheaper for people to walk, cycle or use public transport. This will mean more bike lanes, bus lanes, and 20mph roads, new metro stations and routes, and a commitment to new low-cost bus fares. This will all make a decisive contribution to tackling the climate emergency, addressing inequality and promoting inclusive economic growth.

As a Council, we also have an important role to play in shaping how the city is developed. We need to plan today for the Cardiff of tomorrow, one which is an even better place to live, work and study than it is now, and that is resilient to the challenges of the coming decade, most importantly the climate emergency. We will therefore bring forward a new Local Development Plan to help shape Cardiff for the next 15 years, ensuring the right development – housing, transport and employment land – happens in the right place, at the right time, in a coherent way that can benefit communities, protect the environment, and grow the economy in a sustainable way.

We will:

  • Complete the first phase of Crossrail, strengthening links between the city centre and bay.
  • Set out plans for new stations at Crwys Road, Butetown, St Mellons, Velindre, Ely Mill, Roath Park, Gabalfa and Newport Road.
  • Radically improve bus transport through introducing more priority measures, new services, and work with partners to introduce a standard £1 bus fare.
  • Develop and agree a new Bus Strategy for Cardiff.
  • Complete the five strategic cycleways, including a full route to Newport.
  • Ensure compliance with the EU Limit value for NO2 is maintained on Castle Street and take action wherever necessary to ensure good air quality across Cardiff.
  • Continue to progress transport and clean air improvements in the city centre, including completing the redesign in and around Central Square, in the east of the city centre and on Boulevard de Nantes.
  • Continue to support both bus and taxi sectors to accelerate towards achieving ‘Zero Tailpipe’ emission fleets in advance of 2028.
  • Make our communities healthier and safer by adopting a people-first preventative approach to road safety by making all residential areas 20mph and exploring new enforcement approaches.
  • Nurture a strong active travel culture in every Cardiff school by delivering infrastructure schemes to facilitate active journeys to schools and introducing measures to deter car travel to school.
  • Continue to deliver an extensive programme of localised improvements to our roads and footways to remove defects such as potholes.
  • Consider and review road user charging options to identify opportunities and benefits for Cardiff residents and deliver transport improvements.
  • Identify opportunities for secure cycle parking across key local centres.
  • Develop a city-wide campaign to promote active travel.
  • Develop park and ride sites across the city.
  • Protect the green wedge around Cardiff.
  • Deliver a new Local Development Plan for Cardiff that will help create a fair, healthy, more liveable, sustainable and low carbon city.
  • Work with neighbouring authorities to agree a new Regional Development Plan built around the principle of transit orientated development.
  • Protect local spaces for nature – especially in urban areas – through stricter planning guidance and identification of local land for local growing projects.
  • Adopt much stricter controls on Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs) and press for reform of the Planning Inspectorate System, engaging with Welsh Government and Planning and Environment Division Wales.
  • Adopt robust master-planning principles to ensure that developers in Cardiff can be held to account for their contribution to meeting community needs, improving transport, providing affordable housing and delivering green infrastructure.
  • Tackle properties that are long term empty by exploring the application of a 300% Council Tax Premium.
  • Protect and celebrate local buildings such as pubs, community spaces and music venues – particularly those rich in the city’s working-class history – by strengthening our planning regulations and continuing to lobby the Welsh Government for stronger powers.
  • Adopt the principles of a 15-minute city approach, focusing on sustainability, placemaking, and the density of development that this vision requires.
  • Broaden participation and accessibility in city planning and ensure there are appropriate platforms for engagement and community voice in the design of the city.
  • Publish a Cardiff Smart City strategy which sets out how digital technologies and data will improve city services and infrastructures.
  • Integrate great design, placemaking, greening and sustainability principles into all proposals for development and public spaces.
  • Deliver a significantly enhanced and modern dogs home.


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