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Cardiff Council

Lateral Flow Workforce Testing Privacy Notice

Cardiff Council collects personal data about you, the lateral flow test undertaken and the test results in order that it is able to identify the take up of lateral​ testing, the health of the social care workforce and to inform the Council as to its ability to deliver its social care services. 

Due to the Council’s obligations to the Health and Safety of its staff, and its customers and the wider public interest in public health, we collect and use this personal and special category information in the interests of staff and the wider public interest.  

We will process personal data relating to staff under article 6.1(e) of the UK GDPR – we need it to perform a public task. 

We will process special category personal data under the provisions of article 9.2(i) of the UK GDPR, and Part 1 of Schedule 1(3) of DPA 2018 where it is in the public interest on Public Health Grounds to ensure we can minimise the spread of COVID-19 in a timely manner and enable us to continue to deliver services as safely and securely as possible.  

This data is processed under the obligations set out in Public Health legislation (Regulations 3(1) and (4) of the Health Service (Control of Patient Information) Regulations 2002 (COPI)) which allows the sharing of data for COVID-19 related purposes. 

We also deliver and manage information in relation to care and residential providers and schools within Cardiff through these processes. This is processed under article 6(1)(e) and article 9(2)(h) of the UK GDPR.

Personal Data involved 

The following personal data is processed by the school in relation to your test: 
  • Name
  • Unique code assigned to each individual test and which will become the primary reference number for the tests
  • Test result 

Processing of Personal Data Relating to Positive test results 

We will use this information to enact our own COVID-19 isolation and control processes without telling anyone who it is that has received the positive test. Positive results in relation to a lateral flow test will be shared with Public Health Wales.

This information will be kept by the Council for a period of twelve (12) months by the and by the NHS for eight (8) years.

Processing of Personal Data Relating to Negative and Void test results 

We will record a negative and void result for the purpose of stock controls of tests and general performance of the testing process.

For further information on how we process personal data and your rights,​ please refer to the Council’s Full Priva​cy Notice​.


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