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How do I apply for SuDS

​​​​​​Full Application Service

No work can commence on site until such time that SAB approval has been granted

To apply for a full SAB application please use the link marked full application below. The application must be accompanied by the following as a minimum:

  • A site location plan (with north identified)
  • A plan specifying the construction area and drainage strategy
  • Information requested in the application form checklist
  • A statement on whether or not the application relates to a development that is the subject of an Environmental Impact Assessment application.
  • The appropriate application fee.

The SAB application process is however a full technical review and Cardiff Council would recommend inclusion of the following information:

  • A topographical survey of the site, including cross-sections of any adjacent water courses for appropriate distance upstream and downstream of discharge point if appropriate (as agreed with the SAB) 
  • Details of the existing site layout, drainage system and catchment areas, if appropriate. 
  • Details of the existing geology and hydrogeology. 
  • Ground investigations, (including groundwater and contamination), and infiltration tests, where appropriate.
  • Surveys of any existing drainage systems or water bodies to which the SuDS may discharge.
  • A detailed site layout at an identified scale (as agreed with the SAB) with a North point of the proposed drainage system with catchment areas. 
  • Long and cross sections for the proposed drainage system including impermeable areas (at a scale agreed with the SAB). 
  • A plan for the management of construction to include; phasing and maintaining the system (including access arrangements, operational characteristics, and energy requirements for constructing and maintaining all proposed drainage systems) and the details of any offsite works required, together with any necessary consents period and any impacts, such as diversions and erosion control.
  • A health and safety plan, if appropriate, considering areas of open water and confined space entry. Suitable construction details and details of connections (including flow control devices) to watercourses, sewers, public surface water sewers, highway drains and drainage systems. Landscape planting scheme if proposing vegetated drainage system. 
  • A maintenance plan setting out how to maintain the full drainage system (whether adopted or not) following construction.
  • An assessment demonstrating flooded areas for the 1 in 100 year storm when system is at capacity and demonstrating flow paths for design for exceedance. 
  • Full design calculations and design parameters to demonstrate conformity with the design criteria for the site.
  • Design criteria in relation to/from ground contamination, infiltration tests, ground water assessments and soil stability. 
  • Any requirements for temporary drainage features or discharge points during construction.
  • ​Confirmation of discharge consent. 
  • Confirmation of discharge location. 
  • Discharge capacity. 
  • Agreements with other bodies


Once a full application is made and validated, there will be no correspondence to discuss matters of further information required, as the application will be assessed on the information submitted. Any short fall in information required may lead to a refusal being issued.

As the SAB, Cardiff Council will have 7 weeks to determine an application; however, if the application is subject to an Environmental Impact Assessment it will have 12 weeks for SAB determination.

We recommend that you seek pre-application advic​e​ from us before you submit a full SAB application. This is not mandatory, but will ensure suitability of the proposed SuDS design in line with National Standards and adequate site layout. This service will be valuable to developers to help limit delays and reduce costs in the long term.​

Guidance on Making SuDS Applications for SAB Approval (331kb PDF​)​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​Link opens in a new window

Full SuDS Scheme Application for SAB​ approval​ (878kb PDF)​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​Link opens in a new window

How much will it cost?

The fee for a full application (payable at time of application) is set by Welsh Government and is dependent on the size of the construction area, as detailed below:


General application fees
​​Flat Fee  ​Fee for first 0.5haFee between 0.5ha and including 1ha Fee between 1ha and including 5ha​ Fee above 5ha
£350 for each application
​£70 for each 0.1 hectare or fraction of 0.1 of a hectare, for the first 0.5 hectare​£50 for each 0.1 hectare or fraction of 0.1 of a hectare, from 0.5 hectare up to and including 1.0 hectare​£20 for each 0.1 hectare or fraction of 0.1 of a hectare, from 1.0 hectare up to and including 5.0 hectares£10 for each additional 0.1 h​ectare or fraction of 0.1 of a hectare
Town and community council application fees
Flat Fee 
Fee for first 0.5ha​Fee between 0.5ha and including 1haFee between 1ha and including 5ha​Fee above 5ha
​£175 for each application​£35 for each 0.1 hectare or fraction of 0.1 of a hectare, for the first 0.5 hectare​£25 for each 0.1 hectare or fraction of 0.1 of a hectare, from 0.5 hectare up to and including 1.0 hectare​£10 for each 0.1 hectare or fraction of 0.1 of a hectare, from 1.0 hectare up to and including 5.0 hectares; and​​​​£5 for each additional 0.1 hectare or fraction of 0.1 hectare. 

Definition of construction area:

  • ​the area of land identified on a plan accompanying an application for planning permission, or
  • if an application for planning permission has not been made, the area of land on which construction work has commenced or is proposed to be commenced

Multiple proposals for same site

Proposal attracting highest fee charged as per Table 1

Each additional proposals charged as per Table 2

Please note that there will be additional fees for the inspection of the works and funds associated with adoption and maintenance of approved drainage systems. 

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