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Cardiff Council

Separate recycling collection trial

We trialled separate recycling collections in 10,000 homes across Cardiff.
During the trial, we reviewed: 

  • our collection vehicles,
  • the sacks and caddies provided,
  • how many properties used the service,
  • the quality of materials being collected, and
  • resident feedback.

What we learnt

  • The quality of recycling improved (contamination reduced from 30% to 7%).
  • Smaller sacks should be available.
  • Residents wanted to be able to recycle cartons (Tetra Pak).
  • Glass collections are not needed every week.
  • Requests for replacement or additional sacks and caddies were low.
  • 90% of properties took part in the new service.
  • The collection vehicles we trialled were not suitable.

What we did to improve the service

Using this information, we made improvements to the service before introducing it to other areas of the city.

  • We will make smaller 45L sacks available for you to pick up.
  • We will make blue glass caddies slightly smaller and will collect them fortnightly.
  • You can put cartons (Tetra Pak) in your red sacks every week.
  • Our collections vehicles will have sections for each type of recycling.
  • We will collect glass separately.

Read our recycling strategy​.

Find out more about the recycling changes and the recycling strategy on Modern Gov.​
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