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Cardiff Council

Separate recycling collections

​​​​​​​​​​We are trialling a new way of collecting recycling across 4000 properties in Cardiff. 

If your property is in a pilot area, you will receive a letter before the end of December. 
You will then receive new recycling sacks, and a caddy from 10 January with a detailed booklet explaining how to use them. 

The new collections will begin from 24 January 2022. 

You will use a red sack for containers. This is for items such as plastic bottles, tubs and trays and cans or tins.

Yes, put in the red sack

  • Plastic toiletry bottles
    Such as shampoo, conditioner and bubble bath bottles.
  • ​Plastic cleaning bottles
    Such as bleach bottles and trigger sprays.
  • Plastic drinks bottles
    Such as milk, water and soft drink bottles.
  • ​Plastic containers
    ​Such as fruit punnets, yoghurt pots, and cake and muffin trays.
  • ​Plastic takeaway cartons and lids.
  • Aerosols
    Such as deodorant sprays.
  • ​Metal drinks cans
    Such as beer and soft drinks cans.
  • Metal food tins
    Such as beans and soup tins.
  • Foil and foil cartons.

No, do not put in the red sack

  • ​Plastic carrier bags and soft plastics.
    Such as cling film, cellophane, ready meal or yoghurt pot lids, bread bags, cheese wrappings, plastic films.
  • Crisp packets.
  • Pet food pouches
  • Plastic blister packs (packaging used for tablets and medicines).
  • Toothbrushes or toothbrush tubes.
  • Razors and razor blades.
  • Empty gas lighters.
  • Empty gas canisters.
  • Hard plastics, such as children’s toys.
  • Plant pots.
  • Tupperware containers​.
You will use a blue sack for paper and cardboard.

Yes, put in the blue sack

  • Card.
  • ​Cardboard boxes.
  • Egg cartons.
  • ​Toilet roll tubes.
  • Cereal boxes.
  • Toothpaste boxes.
  • Paper.
  • Newspaper.
  • Magazines.
  • Envelopes - with or without windows.
  • Letters.
  • ​Printer paper.
  • Shredded paper.

No, do not put in the blue sack

  • Food and drink cartons such as Tetra Pak.
  • ​Polystyrene.
  • Any plastic film or packaging.
  • Wallpaper.
  • ​Wrapping paper.
  • Tissues.
  • Paper towels.
  • Kitchen roll.
You will use a blue caddy for your glass bottles and jars.

Yes, put in the blue caddy

  • Glass bottles
    Such as beer, wine and soft drink bottles.
  • ​Glass jars
    Such as baby food and sauce jars.

No, do not put in the blue caddy

  • Ceramics or china.
  • Drinking glasses.
  • Glass panes​.
  • Light bulbs.
  • ​Pyrex.
  • Broken glass.

Your old glass caddy

You may have been involved in the separate collection of glass bottles and jars pilot, in 2016. If you were, you may have an old blue glass caddy at your property.

We will be delivering you a new glass caddy, which has been designed based on feedback from the pilot. It is waterproof, and slightly larger.

Your old caddy can be kept and placed out for collection with your new caddy if you have additional glass bottles and jars.

You can also use it around your home or garden or take it to be recycled at a recycling centre.​

  • Your sacks and glass caddy can all be used again. You will need to return them to your property by 9am the day following collection.

  • Write your address on your sacks and glass caddy. 
    We have provided a label for you to do this on your sacks. This is so you know which is yours once they have been collected. You can do this in any way. We suggest using a marker pen or paint. You can even buy stickers and labels from shops, but we would not be able to replace any stickers or labels if they do get lost.

  • Rinse out your recycling before putting it into your sacks or caddy, to help keep them clean.

  • Your sacks will have a Velcro lid. Put the lid down when they are put on the pavement for collection, to keep the recycling within the sacks.

  • Squash down your plastic bottles, and tin cans to make room in your sacks.

Replacement and additional sacks and caddy

Replacement and additional sacks can be requested by contacting C2C 029 2087 2087. They are free.

You cannot order these until the pilot has started.

We are asking residents on the pilot to use their sacks for a few weeks, before requesting additional sacks. We will contact you to discuss the request.
Your sacks and caddy will be collected every week.

Your collection day will not change.

Your sacks and caddy will be collected on the same vehicle, at the same time.

Glass will be put into a separate compartment at the front of the vehicle. Red sacks and blue sacks will be emptied into separate compartments on the back of the vehicle.

We will be monitoring the types of materials residents are recycling, to understand how the back of the vehicle needs to be split in the future.
This pilot is being run as part of our draft Waste Strategy for 2021-25, to reach Welsh Government recycling targets, and become a carbon neutral city by 2030.

We want to improve the quality of recycling, as well as removing the 24 million single use, green bags provided to households to use each year.

The pilot will help us to understand whether quality improves, the type of items residents recycle at the kerbside and whether this is a collection we could operate throughout the city. ​

Have your say

There will be a public survey for you to share your views about how the pilot works for you.

This will be open in March once you have been using the scheme for some time.

You can also feedback by contacting C2C 029 2087 2087 or by using the online contact form.