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Parking in a controlled zone

​​​​​​A controlled parking zone (CPZ) is an area where all on street parking is controlled during certain times. When you are in a zone, you must park in designated bays. 

Find out where the controlled parking zones are​.

We introduce a CPZ to deal with parking problems and make our environment safer by:
  • making restrictions simple
  • saving parking space for residents and visitors, 
  • stopping commuter parking, 
  • encouraging walking, cycling and public transport use, 
  • increasing highway safety, and
  • improving parking conditions for the community.

You will know you are entering a CPZ by the large signs on the street. The signs will show the times when single yellow line and other restrictions apply. 

Most of our CPZs operate 7 days a week but restrictions can change depending on the area.

You must check the signs.

Double yellow lines, dropped footways and kerb crossing restrictions apply 24 hours a day. 

We issue permits for:
  • residents and their visitors,
  • businesses,
  • essential school staff,
  • contractors, 
  • carers, and 
  • religious and community premises. 

The types of permits we issue depend on the zone you are in. Find out more about the CPZs in Cardiff.​  

Properties that are not eligible for a permit

Not all properties can apply for permits. This helps us manage on street parking, mitigate climate change, and reduce the impact of new homes and developments. 

Properties that are not eligible include:
  • properties that have been developed after 1 September 2011
  • properties with off-street car parks
  • properties on private road 
  • properties that have been built or converted without planning permission 
  • student accommodation
  • car free developments

Before signing a tenancy agreement, buying a property, or setting up a business, you must check if the property is eligible for permits. 

We are not responsible for any incorrect information you have been given by a landlord, letting agent, or estate agent

Find out how to park correctly in a CPZ.

Parking with a permit

You can use a valid permit to park in permit holder only bays and areas.
You need a permit to park in a permit parking area, even though parking bays are not painted on the road. 

In some CPZs you may be able to park with your permit in limited waiting or pay and stay bays. These are known as shared use bays.
There may still be some permit bays that only specific users can park in, such as a doctor’s bay. If you hold a different type of permit, you cannot park in these bays. 

You must check the signs whenever you park.

Parking without a permit

If you do not have a permit, you can park in: 

  • pay and stay bays, and 
  • limited waiting.

If you want to park in a pay and stay bay, you must buy a ticket.
You can park in a limited waiting bay without a permit and without paying, but you must not stay longer than allowed. You must check the signs to see how long you can park for. 

Parking with a blue badge

If you have a blue badge, you can park in a resident permit holder bay or area for up to 3 hours. You must clearly display your badge and parking clock. 

You can park in limited waiting and pay and stay bays for free and without time limits. You must clearly display your badge. 


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