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Cardiff Council

Why we use CCTV in Cardiff

We use CCTV for many reasons in Cardiff, such as: 

  • the prevention, detection, and deterrence of crime, and 
  • to issue fixed penalty notices through Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology.

Our CCTV captures images and live footage of residents, visitors, and workers around the city.

Who operates and monitors the CCTV cameras

  • Only the relevant trained employees of Cardiff Council can operate and monitor CCTV. 
  • Only those with a legitimate purpose will be given access to the control rooms.

The CCTV monitoring operators will be responsible for complying with the Cardiff Council CCTV Policy and the relevant code of practice.

Who you can contact for advice or to complain about CCTV

You can contact the Data Protection Officer.

Data Protection Officer
Information Governance Team
County Hall
Atlantic Wharf
CF10 4UW 


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