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Waste enforcement fines

If you have committed a waste related offence you may have received a Waste Enforcement Fixed Penalty Notice.
This should be paid no later than 14 days of the date on the penalty letter. 

If you pay the fine within the time noted you will not be prosecuted for the offence.
If it is not paid, we will take further legal action through the Magistrates Courts.

Offences you can be fined for include: 

Offence categories:

  • ​The offence of failing to comply with the requirements of a Notice. 
  • The offence is witnessed by an authorised officer who has reasonable grounds to believe that you committed an offence.  
  • The evidence gathered by an authorised officer proves beyond reasonable doubt that the offence has been committed. 

Appeals, complaints and disputes

There is no appeals process for Waste Enforcement Fixed Penalty Notices. If you feel that you should not have received the notice, the opportunity to disagree would be through the Magistrates Court. 

Any enquiries or disputes regarding fixed penalties will not be progressed as part of our Corporate Complaint Procedure or The Public Services Ombudsman for Wales and you will not receive a formal response.

The matter will be referred to the Magistrates’ Court should the fixed penalty remain unpaid, or should you instruct us to do so. 

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