Litter can include all sorts of items such as sweet wrappers, fast food packaging and also cigarette butts and chewing gum.
If a waste enforcement officer sees you littering you will receive a Fixed Penalty Notice of £80. You will also receive an FPN if you are seen littering from a vehicle.
You have 14 days to pay a fixed penalty notice. If it is not paid, we will take further legal action through the Magistrates Courts.
You cannot appeal a Fixed Penalty Notice with the council. If you feel that you should not have received the notice, your opportunity to disagree would be through the Magistrates Court.

Report it


If you witness someone dropping litter please contact us. Please provide as much information as possible including: 

  • date 

  • time of offence 

  • location 

  • description of the individual, and 

  • the type of litter. 

If you witness someone throwing litter from a vehicle, we will also need to know:
  • Registration / make / model of the vehicle 
  • Was it the driver or a passenger? 

It is important that you leave your contact details when you report littering, we may need to contact you to check details or ask if you wish to provide a statement. If you do not provide your contact details we will not be able to investigate further.