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Cardiff Council


​​Litter can include all sorts of items such as sweet wrappers, fast food packaging, cigarette butts and chewing gum.

​Report litter build-up

Our street cleansing team collect small amounts of litter on their regular cleansing rounds. If you come across a significant build-up of litter outside a property or on a Cardiff street please let us know.


Littering fines


If a wast​e enforcement officer sees you littering you will receive a Fixed Penalty Notice of £100. You will also receive an FPN if you are seen littering from a vehicle.

If you have received a Fixed Penalty Notice you can pay by credit or debit card using our secure online payment system. Before you start you will need your Fixed Penalty Notice number to hand. ​

pay online

​You have 14 days to pay a fixed penalty notice. If it is not paid, we will take further legal action through the Magistrates Courts.
You cannot appeal a Fixed Penalty Notice with the council. If you feel that you should not have received the notice, your opportunity to disagree would be through the Magistrates Court.