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Experimental schemes

​​​Using an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO), we can introduce an experimental scheme and try it out before making it permanent.

We may want to trial a scheme as it may be:

  • the first of its kind in Cardiff, 
  • ineffective or with unacceptable side-effects,
  • in need of quick changes or removal, or
  • not covered by normal legislation.

How long is the scheme

The normal duration of an ETRO and an experimental scheme is up to 18 months.

During this time, we monitor the scheme to see if it is working. 


Before introducing an experimental scheme, we may  carry out:

  • user surveys, 
  • consultations, and
  • parking, traffic and pedestrian monitoring. 

Consultations may involve speaking to:

  • residents,
  • businesses,
  • religious and social associations, and
  • other users of the area.


After the 18-month trial, we carry out more surveys and consultations to check:

  • ​changes, effects and benefits, and
  • opinions of residents, businesses and other users.

Then we can decide whether to make the scheme permanent or not.

Current experimental schemes

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