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Cardiff Council

Consumer Advice


What we do

Our Trading Standards team works to help promote a fair and safe trading environment across Cardiff. We do this by supporting customers as well as businesses in an impartial way.


Our team:

  • investigates reports of breaches of trading standards against businesses, such as under-age selling and misleading descriptions
  • enforces the law and takes actions against traders who are not trading fairly
  • helps to educate traders about their obligations and rights.


We offer a range of services including:

  • advice about consumer law
  • home visits for the vulnerable (which can include help with writing letters and checking paperwork)
  • a dedicated officer dealing with victims of postal scams
  • rapid response to victims of doorstep crime (in conjunction with the police)
  • consumer law training for business, agencies and other councils
  • help if you have to go to County Court, such as preparation of court forms and assisting you through the legal process
  • educational materials, events, roadshows and outreach working.

Mediation Service

We offer a free mediation service where we can act as an impartial third-party mediator to help resolve disagreements.  

The features and benefits of mediation include:

  • a collaborative approach to solve a dispute
  • allowing all parties to work together to reach a resolution
  • acknowledgment of feelings as well as cold facts
  • allowing for practical and creative solutions
  • can be much quicker and cheaper than going to court.


The courts encourage the use of mediation as it is classed as an alternative way to resolve a legal dispute. For more information about our mediation service please contact us.

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