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Cardiff Council

Occupational therapy

​If you, or a member of your family, are having difficulty getting around your home due to a physical disability, sensory impairment or old age, you can request an assessment by an occupational therapist for equipment and adaptations to make it easier for you to live independently.




A referral for an occupational therapy assessment can be made by contacting us directly:

For an adult with a disability:
029 2023 4222

For a child with a disability:
029 2053 6490


Referrals are accepted from individuals, family and friends, as well as from other professionals.


Because of the high volume of referrals, we will screen your referral and prioritise their assistance to provide a timely response based on the level of your need/level of risk. Providing detailed information regarding your medical condition, difficulties that you are experiencing, disability benefits/allowances received will therefore assist with this process.


Reasons for Referrals


  • Difficulties with managing personal care, such as getting to the toilet, bathing and dressing.
  • Environmental/functional difficulties such as climbing steps and stairs, access to the home, getting on and off chairs, or into and out of bed.
  • Difficulties being experienced by carers that assist you at home. This may include moving and handling difficulties.


What sort of help can we offer?


We could help you by:


  • Recommendation for a Disabled Facilities Grant to provide major adaptations to the home such as a stair lift, level access shower or wheelchair accessible facilities.
  • The provision of minor adaptations such as grab rails and stair rails.
  • The loan of a wide range of equipment  to assist you in undertaking different activities around the home that you may be experiencing difficulties with. For example, basic equipment to help you with toileting or washing or just generally accessing different areas around your house.
  • Advice on a different approach to undertaking an activity at home
  • Referring to other support services if appropriate


Is there anything we can't help with?


  • mobility assessments and mobility aids such as wheelchairs, walking sticks and frames. 
  • Nursing equipment such as commodes. 
  • Assessments for access difficulties for privately purchased motorised scooters.
  • Provision of riser/recliner armchairs.

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