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Cardiff Council

Improving standards

Children who are not in school could be:


  • missing out on vital educational and social opportunities and experiences
  • at risk of harm or be in situations that are unsafe
  • at greater risk of involvement in criminal activity and becoming victims of crime themselves
  • at greater risk of becoming victims of abuse or ​​exploitation


Cardiff Council and schools are working hard to improve standards right across the city. We have developed an action plan to work towards improving standards:


  • A five step approach to managing attendance has been developed between schools, school attendance officers, the Education Welfare Service and other agencies to help support families.
  • Cardiff Council has restructured the Education Welfare Service to allow High Schools to employ their very own dedicated School Attendance Officers to tackle issues in each school more directly. School Attendance Officers also work with their feeder primary schools to tackle any issues early on.
  • Each school also has an allocated Education Welfare Officer, who helps the school improve attendance rates to reduce unauthorised absence and truancy.
  • Regular Truancy Sweeps take place at hot spots across the city, every month, working with partners such as the police to find pupils who should be in school.


Truancy Sweeps

High Profile truancy Sweeps take place throughout the year, a hard hitting way of talking to children and young people who should be in school. In many cases children are with their parents and there is no excuse for the child's absence. 

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