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Cardiff Council

Stop the tenancy cheats

​​Tenancy fraud costs hundreds of thousands of pounds a year, and keeps people in housing need on the waiting list for longer.  


Tenancy cheats face losing their homes, going to county court, and may even lose the right to social housing in the future. 


Do you know someone who has:  


  • Sublet the whole property
  • Sold the keys to someone else
  • Abandoned the property
  • Given false information to get a council home. 


Report a tenancy cheat


You don't need to leave your name, just tell us what you know and we will investigate.  


Report a tenancy cheat using our online form or call 029 2087 3500 (24 hours a day)

We will also be carrying out random checks at our properties so if you get asked to show your identification you will be helping us to crack down on tenancy cheats.


Report it

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