Alarm Receiving Centre

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​Cardiff Council has developed a state of the art Category 1 Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​External link opens in a new window​ ​out of which  operates  the 24/7 Service team managing:

The CCTV system includes a remote monitoring of communal areas from a centrally located control room by a qualified team. 

There is a real time control of cameras and monitoring, which allows an appropriate response to any anti-social behaviour, with all camera footage being recorded as appropriate and available for evidence in keeping with legislative requirements.

Closed circuit television cameras have become an important crime prevention and security measure. Cameras collate images which are transferred to a monitor recording device where they are available to be watched, reviewed and or/stored.

The storing of images means that post incident analysis is helpful not only in investigation by law enforcement but also in maintaining the rigour of tenancy agreements on behalf of the council.

The objective of the ARC is to provide a safer, more pleasant environment for all the residents of the 9 High Rise and Litchfield Court without compromising their inherent rights to privacy.