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Freedom of information

​​The Freedom of Information Act 2000 is designed to promote greater openness and transparency throughout the public sector. Under the Act, any person has rights of access to recorded information held by the Council.

Your rights

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 you have the right to:
  • Be told whether we hold a record of the information you have requested. We will usually tell you within 20 working days.
  • Have the information disclosed to you if we hold it. Unless it is covered by one of the exemptions in the Act.
  • Receive reasonable advice and assistance in making the request.
These rights are subject to the limitations and exemptions imposed by the Act and other legislation. Many limitations and exemptions only apply if it is not in the public interest for the information to be disclosed.

Where information is disclosed we will typically provide copies of the records held. Requesters should be aware that the right is to receive the information, not to copies of particular documents which may contain the information. Information disclosed may be subject to copyright or other restrictions on re-use.

What you need to provide in the request

For your request to be valid under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, you must:
  • Submit your request in writing
  • Provide your real first name and surname
  • Provide your contact details
The Council operates a centralised department that coordinates and processes Freedom of Information Requests. It will help to process your request if you can provide as much detail as possible. If we do not receive enough information to process your request, or if it is not clear, we will contact you for further information.

Before you submit your request

Please make sure you have checked our published request responses page​ for the required information.

We also publish Data Sets. We update these either quarterly, half-yearly or annually.

If you are requesting personal data, you will need to submit a Data subject Access Request which will be processed under the Data Protection Act 2018.

Making a Freedom of Information request

You can make a Freedom of Information request online:
Freedom of information request form

Y​​ou can also make a Freedom of Information request by email:

Or by post: ​

Information Governance
County Hall
CF10 4UW

You can find out how we process your personal data before submitting your request by reading the Information Request Service Privacy Notice.​

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