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Cardiff Council

Tŷ Storrie

​​Tŷ Storrie is a Childrens Home for children and young people aged between 6-17 with disabilities and complex needs, run by Cardiff Council. 

It is comfortable and welcoming environment where children feel safe and cared for.  

Tŷ Storrie is located in the west of Cardiff.
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How the service is provided

All children and young people’s needs will be assessed by social workers in the Council’s Child Health And Disability team. 

The service offers support to the families by providing an individual package of support and care to children and young people on an emergency basis, short breaks away from their family home and longer-term accommodation, which enables them to develop skills, friendships and gain new experiences. 

Standard of Care and Support

The Tŷ Storrie staff team recognise that young people coming into the home may feel extremely vulnerable, anxious, or distressed.  When a young person arrives at the Home it is important for them to feel safe and secure.  

Tŷ Storrie staff work in close co-operation with parents and other professionals,  working as a team around the child, to ensure  needs are met.  All staff undertake a broad range of training and qualifications in Health and Social Care, registering with Social Care Wales.
Tŷ Storrie values the self-esteem of young people and will actively celebrate religious, cultural and special occasions.  Young people are supported to build friendships with other young people within the home. 

Be involved in activities, hobbies, or individual interests

Young people are encouraged to take part in activities and are supported to choose what they would like to take part in. 

Examples of activities which young people have previously or presently undertake are trips to the beach, meals out, trampolining, cinema, arts and crafts, football / rugby matches, computer games, visiting the local park and walking.


Whilst staying at Tŷ Storrie young people are encouraged to develop their potential by: 

  • Learning new skills, for example preparing meals with staff.  The kitchen is also designed for wheelchair accessibility.
  • Healthy eating; trying new foods.
  • Being supported to learn to dress and wash themselves  
  • Improving communication skills, for example using communication aids, Makaton, objects of reference and PECS.
  • Participation in positive activities, for example engaging and building friendships with others.

Language and Communication needs for people using the service

At Tŷ Storrie we actively promote and support every individual’s communication method and needs.

The staff team recognise that language is important for young people’s personal, social and emotional development. It is rooted in a young person’s identity and contributes to the development of their personal values and a positive view of their place in society. 

Tŷ​ Storrie is also able to access an interpretation and translation service which supports young people’s families to feel included. 
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