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Cardiff Council

Vocational Education Cardiff

Our Vocational Education Cardiff (Sports, Leisure and Development) and Stepping Stones programmes offer fantastic opportunities for young people aged 11 – 16 to gain practical skills and hands on work experience needed to progress in a range of exciting vocational subjects.

Vocational Education (Sports, Leisure and Development)

Information about the Vocational Education (Sports, Leisure and Development) courses offered to young people aged 14 - 16 years old.

​Stepping Stones programme

Information about the Stepping Stones programme for young people aged 11 - 13 years old.

Data Protection

How we use your information and keep it protected.

Music and Video Technology (BTEC)

Information about the Music and Video Technology BTEC course.

Mechanics and Engineering (BTEC)

Information about the Mechanics and Engineering BTEC course.

Animal Care programme (BTEC)

Information about the Animal Care programme course.

Health, Fitness and Nutrition (BTEC)

Information about the Health, Fitness and Nutrition BTEC course.     

Land Based Studied (BTEC)

Information about the Land Based Studied BTEC course.

Entry into Public Services (BTEC)

Information about the Entry into Public Services course.



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