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Cardiff Council

The SEN Casework Team

The role of the Casework Team is to manage the statutory processes in connection with pupils with Special Educational Needs.  

Key components within this role include: 

  • Collating, drafting and amending proposed and existing statements of SEN within statutory time scales, ensuring all the relevant advice received is interpreted and incorporated within the statement.
  • Providing a main point of contact between the LA, schools, parents and other professionals associated with a particular pupil.
  • Attending Annual Reviews of pupils with a statement of SEN to provide advice, guidance and support as laid out in the SEN Code of Practice for Wales.  
  • Preparing and presenting cases at the LA's weekly Case Advisory Panel and ensuring all decision are relayed and follow up actions are carried out within statutory time scales.
  • Improving the quality of our communication with parents. 
  • Working effectively with other specialist teams to support and challenge schools where appropriate.
  • To support the service goal to improve school capacity for early intervention and inclusion and implement the 5 Stage Model of Support for ALN.
  • Working in partnership with all stakeholders to ensure the LA's case papers for appeals to the SEN Tribunal for Wales are prepared in a timely manner, providing information for the case papers as required. 
  • Working with stakeholder / partners to develop collaborative working, pooled budgets and joint commissioning.
  • Working with other agencies, as appropriate, at a school and county level, to ensure the best outcomes for ALN pupils.
  • Using data arising from the statutory process to plan and predict special school and specialist resource base places.