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Cardiff Council

Educational Psychology Service

Educational psychologists are applied psychologists working with children and young people from 0-19 years in different contexts, though we work extensively in educational settings as well as with parents /carers, school staff, other professionals and external agencies. 

To achieve this, the Educational Psychology Service (EPS):

  • Applies psychology to promote the attainment and healthy emotional development of children and young people from 0 -19.
  • Ensures early intervention.
  • Meets local and national priorities for raising standards in schools.
  • Focuses on a range of validated approaches that have been shown to promote success e.g. consultation, assessment and intervention.
  • Develops multi-agency approaches to support schools and parents. 

The EPS provides an allocation of time which is calculated to ensure equitability based on an individual school need.  Our approach is flexible with a wide range of research based interventions to help support schools. 

These include: 

  • Consultation and psychological advice - individual, groups, family and whole school issues.
  • Psychological assessments - using a range of methods to inform interventions.
  • Psychological interventions - to promote psychological wellbeing, social, emotional and behavioural development and to raise educational standards.
  • Delivery of professional development and training - to be able to support others' learning, knowledge and practice.
  • Research and evaluation - to use outcomes to inform practice or future actions. 

In addition EPs are involved in activities across the LA.

This has included: 

  • Specialist EPs who focus on young people with complex needs; early years; Ethnic Minority pupils and the achievement and well-being of children who are ‘Looked After'.
  • Support around critical incidents and bereavement.
  • Input & development of interventions to support the development of literacy and numeracy.
  • Introduction of the ELSA programme into Cardiff.
  • Close involvement in School Based Counselling including a lead role within the Steering Group.
  • Research into interventions to support children with language difficulties.
  • Parent ‘drop-ins'.