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Schools Budget Forum scope and remit

Revenue Budget Settlement for Schools

The main issue for the Forum to consider will be the opportunity to offer advice to the Authority on school budgets for the forthcoming financial year and to bring to the Authority’s attention the financial pressures falling on future years.
In doing this the Forum may consider the effect upon schools of the previous budget settlement, comparative funding statistics and any external funding facilities.

The Distribution Formula

The regulations provide for the Local Authority to consult the Forum on changes to the Authority’s school funding formula and the financial effect of any changes.


The regulations state that the Local Authority must consult the Forum on contracts for supplies and services that exceed the current threshold for procurement. Current thresholds for Procurements that are to be dealt with under the European Union procurement directives and the Regulations that implement them in the UK are:
Services: £172,514
Supplies: £172,514
Works: £4,322,012

Financial Issues

The Authority will also be required to consult the Forum annually on the exercise of their functions in relation to their schools budget and changes to their financial schemes. They are also to consult the Forum, as they see fit, on any other matters concerning the funding of schools.

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