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Schools Budget Forum Membership

​ The regulations set the minimum number of members for each forum as 15. Whilst they do not set a maximum number they state that at least one schools member should be a parent governor and no more than 25% of the members should be non-schools members. The balance of school members between Headteachers and Governors is a matter for local decision.
Taking into account the size and nature of the schools in Cardiff the following Membership will be used:

Schools Members

Nominations will be sought for membership through the Headteacher Conferences for school representatives the maximum number of representatives will be 5 from the secondary phase and 8 from the primary phase and 1 from the special school phase.​

Nominations will be sought from the Cardiff Governors Association for Governor Representatives. The maximum number of representatives will be 3 from the primary phase, 2 from the secondary phase and 1 from the special school phase.
A group of substitute members will be appointed who will represent all stakeholders. Nominations for substitute members will be sought from Headteacher Conferences and the Cardiff Governors Association, the maximum number of substitute members will be 6: 4 from primary phase and 2 from the secondary phase. Substitute members will be notified in advance if they are required to attend a meeting.

Non Schools ​Members

Non School Representatives will consist of the following:
  •     Cabinet Member responsible for Schools plus one other Elected Member
  •     Representative from the Diocesan Authorities
  •     Representative from teacher staffing unions in schools
  •     Representation from support staff unions in schools
The term of office for all representative members will be three years.


In accordance with the regulations, the Forum is required to nominate and elect an appropriate Chairperson and that Chairperson will hold office for two years. The Forum will also nominate and elect a person to act as Vice-Chair for the same period. The period of office will run from the 1 September and continue over an academic year. 

Other Attendees

The Corporate Services and Section 151 Officer and Director of Education and Lifelong and/or their representatives will attend meetings as observers and provide technical advice and support to the group.  
The Forum will be supported and facilitated by officers of the Local Authority, including the Head of Performance Resources and Services, Schools and Budgetary Control Manager and the Business Manager.
Expert advisers will be invited to attend meetings as required.
Colleagues with an interest, role or responsibility in education funding can also be invited to attend meetings with observer status, as required.

Members expenses

At present, expenses of members in connection with their attendance at these meetings are not reimbursed. ​


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