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COVID-19 in schools

Test, Trace, Protect (TTP) sets out the approach to tackling COVID-19; testing people with symptoms, tracing those who have come into close contact with people who have tested positive, and advising on self-isolation.

Schools will reinforce these messages and remind those who show symptoms to self-isolate and book a test.

School attendance is compulsory and all learners should have returned unless they had a medical or health reason not to or if the advice at the time is that they should not attend school.

Regular attendance will be essential to help learners re-engage in education, make progress and promote their well-being and wider development.

Schools will support learners and parents who are reluctant or anxious about the return to school.

Schools and settings will keep a record of attendance and families should notify their school if their child is unable to attend. This will help schools, settings and local authorities plan for and understand any barriers to learners returning to school and identify any further support needed.

The Welsh Government has advised that fines relating to school attendance would not be appropriate at this time, unless local authorities deem it necessary to pursue a small number of cases relating to persistent absence, which are unrelated to COVID-19.


The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health have issued guidance indicating that very few children are clinically extremely vulnerable and as a result many of the children previously advised to shield are no longer required to do so. Parents are being informed where children are removed from the Shielding Patient List but many will receive no formal notification.

Arrangements should be put in place to support attendance and the relevant information incorporated into risk assessments.

If a learner shows symptoms at school, they will be kept separate in an isolation room and parents will be called immediately to come and collect them. PPE will be made available for staff supervising learners that are unwell.

Any member of staff displaying symptoms will leave the school premises immediately and arrange a test.

Anyone displaying symptoms should stay at home for 10 working days from the onset of symptoms. A test should be arranged immediately to determine if they are a confirmed case and they should remain home until results are confirmed. If a child or member of staff develops symptoms whilst in school, their school will refer them for prioritised testing.

If more than one person in the household is symptomatic then we will test all symptomatic school children and teachers in the household. Anyone else who is symptomatic should self-isolate and seek testing through the national portal unless advised otherwise by the Cardiff and Vale Track, Trace and Protect Service (TTP).

TTP will intervene if a learner tests positive for COVID-19.

When a confirmed case of COVID-19 is identified in an educational or childcare setting (staff or pupil) contact will be made with the case (or parent) to assess whether they attended the school during their infectious period and whether further tracing of contacts in the school is needed.

If any staff member or child within the school is a contact of the case, they will be required to self-isolate for 10 days and will be contacted by the local TTP team or Education Department. Further information on self-isolation.

If a contact of a confirmed case stays well then the other members of the household do not need to isolate and can continue with their normal activities. If a contact is still well at the end of the 10-day period of self-isolation, they can return to school and their other usual activities.
If there are multiple cases of COVID-19 in a school, then experts from across the NHS and local government will work together to prevent ongoing transmission within the school. 

This will involve identifying those exposed, any child or staff member who is at increased risk and the provision of tailored infection control advice.

Advice based on the assessment of each individual situation will be provided to support the school in preventing further spread.

Parents and carers will be kept informed of the situation by the school.​​