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School Support for Special Educational Needs

​​​​​​If your child is not making as much progress as expected, they may need extra support. The school should always tell you if they are giving your child extra or different support from other pupils. They will monitor the progress your child makes, and let you know how they are doing. They should also find out what you and your child think about the progress they are making.

This type of support is called ‘School Action’ or, if your child is in a Nursery or Reception class, it will be called ‘Early Years Action’. The extra support should be planned in an Individual Education Plan (IEP) that is shared with you. The IEP will include information about:

  • ​Targets, or what your child needs to learn
  • Help and strategies, or how your child will be taught
  • Who will help your child
  • When the plan will be reviewed (this should happen at least twice a year. In many schools it is reviewed each​ term)

Most children who are supported in this way make good progress and do not need extra support indefinitely, but Early Years Action or School Action will continue until it is no longer needed.​

School Action Plus and Early Years Action Plus​

If your child is not making enough progress at Early Years or School Action, the school can ask for extra help and advice from another service. This might be a specialist teacher service, the educational psychology service or a health service such as speech and language therapy. This is called ‘Early Years Action Plus’ or ‘School Action Plus’.

The school will continue to set targets and monitor progress and will continue to support your child at School Action Plus or Early Years Action Plus until it is no longer needed. Again, the school should always talk to you about the steps they are taking to support your child, and keep you informed about their progress.

If there are still concerns that your child needs more support than the school is able to provide with the extra help and advice from other services, the Council can be asked to consider carrying out a statutory assessment of your child’s needs. 

Who can I contact if I need further help or support?

  • ​The Additional Learning Needs Coordinator (ALNCO) at your child's School or Setting.
  • ​SNAP Cymru who provide an Independent Parent Partnership Service. Tel: 0845 120 3730​

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