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What is a Note in Lieu?

​​​​​​​​​​​​‘Note in Lieu’ means ‘a note instead of a statement’. ‘Note in Lieu’ is the official term used in the SEN Code of Practice for Wales.

Once a statutory assessment has been completed, Cardiff Council has two weeks to decide whether to make a statement of Special Educational Need. If the assessment process shows that your child’s needs can continue to be met through School Action Plus, then the Council may decide to issue a Note in Lieu of a Statement.

Parents are often disappointed when the decision is made not to make a statement following a statutory assessment, and may worry that this means their child will not get the support they need.

The Note in Lieu is not a legal document but it provides useful advice about your child’s needs and how they can be supported in school. It does not necessarily mean that no extra support will be put in place but it does mean that the support can be provided without a statement.

Often the SEN panel will arrange for one or more of the specialist teams to work with the school to put more support in place, either by providing training or extra advice based on the statutory assessment information.

Who can provide me with help and support?

If you think that the decision to issue a Note in Lieu is wrong, please speak to your SEN Casework Officer on 029 2087 2731.

SNAP Cymru provide an independent parental partnership service and can be contacted on 0845 120 3730.

Your child’s school will also be able to give help and support. You also have the right to appeal against this decision to the Special Educational Needs Tribunal for Wales. If you are considering this option, please contact us on 029 2233 0711.​


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