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Further Education funding

The Cardiff Young People’s Fund is available to help young people continue their education, or to assist in their entry to a profession, trade or vocation. 

You can apply for both the Cardiff Young People's Fund and the Craddock Wells Bursary.

No further applications will be accepted once all available funding has been allocated in a given financial year.


  • You must have attended a Cardiff secondary school for at least two years
  • You may apply for financial assistance towards attending further or higher education or to support you with entering a profession or trade

You can claim for:

  • Financial assistance towards clothing, tools, instruments or books to assist you in preparation for your profession, trade or vocation
  • A grant of up to 50% of the total cost of attending an educational establishment approved by the Council 
  • Any other costs deemed necessary for the pursuit of studies will be considered  


  • You must have attended either a Cardiff primary or secondary school for at least two years
  • You must currently be resident in Cardiff
  • You must have remained in non-statutory education for two years to study A-Levels or a qualification at an equivalent level
  • ​You may apply for financial assistance towards the costs associated with attending a course of further or higher education

​You can claim for:

  • Bursaries to assist with educational costs to further your education as either a single payment or series of payments up to a maximum of 50%


  • You must be studying at a Cardiff Secondary School

You can claim for:

  • A grant of up to £400 to enable you to finish your course of study at a Cardiff Secondary School​

Application process

You can apply for funding from the Cardiff Young People's Fund  or Craddock Wells Charity.

To apply for funding, you need to support your application with:

  • Evidence that you meet the eligibility criteria, and
  • An estimate of the costs of items

When to apply

  • You can make your application prior to buying items by using estimations of item costs.
  • You can apply anytime during your training or studies relevant to the application. 
You will need to make a new application each academic year.

When you have submitted your application form, we will email you to confirm that we have received it. We will email you with our decision within 21 days after the next Trustee meeting.

We may require further information from you before we can make a decision. Please provide as much backing documentation as possible to support your application to prevent any delays.

You will receive grant payment after you have bought the items and provided proof of receipt.​​​​

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