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What if I live in a flat?

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We can offer general guidelines for flats that have a council waste collection, but every flat in Cardiff is different so your collection arrangements will depend on how your building is managed.

How recycling and waste collections work

​Find out how your recycling and waste collections work.

Recycling is collected once a week. Find out what you can recycle.

If you have communal green bins, you can put your recycling into the bin loose. You do not have to use green bags.

Do not put black bags in your communal green bin. We will not collect recycling that is mixed with general waste.

You can pick up recycling bags at your local stockist, or order them online. Get more recycling bags and caddies.

If you live in a flat and your building has a concierge service, please check if they stock recycling bags before ordering online.

Food waste is collected once a week. Find out what goes in your food waste caddy.

Use caddy liners in your kitchen caddy, then put them in your communal brown food waste bin. Do not use plastic bags. 

You can pick up food caddy liners at your local stockist, or order them online. Get more food bags and caddies. 

General waste is collected every two​ weeks. Find out what goes in your general waste bin.

You can use any type of bag apart from recycling bags for general waste. When bags are full put them in your communal general waste bin.

We will only collect the contents of your bin. We will not empty bins blocked by bulky waste or extra bags.
Garden waste is collected every two weeks. Find out what goes in your garden waste bin.

Many flats with gardens are maintained by grounds maintenance.

Put garden waste directly in your communal garden waste bin. Do not put bags of garden waste in your communal bin.

If your garden bin has been lost or stolen contact your landlord, caretaker or building management company. They can order a replacement from us by phoning C2C on 2087 2087.

​Bin provisions for flats

If you have council waste collections, we will provide bins for your building. The amount of bins provided will depend on the number of flats in the building. For more information on bin provisions, please read the Supplementary Planning Guidance (1.35mb PDF).​​​​​​​​​​Link opens in a new window

We will not provide extra general waste bins.

If you regularly have extra non-recyclable waste, speak to the person responsible for your building. This could be your property manager, landlord, housing developer or management company. We can help them encourage residents to recycle more. Or, they can choose to arrange extra collections with an external company.

We can provide extra recycling bins for a cost if there is enough space. You will need to speak to the person responsible for your building to arrange this.

If you live in a Council flat, please speak to your tenancy officer.

If you do not have the correct amount of bins for your property, or if bins need to be replaced or repaired you should speak to the person responsible for your building. All bins are provided at a charge.

If you have council collections, but do not have a communal food waste bin, speak to the person responsible for your building. They may be able to arrange a food waste collection.

If you live in a Council flat, please speak to your tenancy officer.​

If your property is a brand new development your bins may be on order, or you may not be having a council waste collection.

Before council collections can begin, the site will need to be assessed and council bins will need to be ordered and paid for. Your property manager, landlord, housing developer or management company is responsible for this.

Help using bins correctly

We can help residents living in blocks of flats understand how to use their bins correctly.

You can print our recycling and waste education leaflet to send out, or we can arrange a delivery.

We are also happy to arrange door knocking education events. If you would like to arrange a door knocking event, please ask your management company to contact us so we can arrange building access.

If your bins are not secure, and can be accessed by people not living in your development, there is a risk that they may be used as a fly-tipping spot. We strongly recommend that bins are secure. If you do not think they are, you should speak to your property manager, landlord or management company and ask them to make some alterations.

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