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Green wheelie bin or reusable garden waste sack

Green wheelie bins, or re-useable garden waste sacks are for your compostable garden waste. This includes weeds, grass cuttings, dead plants and leaves. Think if it didn't grow, it's not coming in!

Do not use your green bin or garden waste sacks for:

Shredded paper​​ Please place out with your recycling in a separate green bag (not mixed with other recycling)
​Green recycling bags ​These must be placed kerbside for a weekly collection
​Nappies ​Use hygiene collection​
Cardboard Any type (please put in your green recycling bag for a weekly collection) *
Items from the garden e.g. hosepipe, watering can, garden furniture, garden toys Please take to local household recycling centre
Any pet waste, litter or bedding Please put in your black bin/red & white striped bag
Food waste Food caddy
Plastic, metal, or glass Please  put into your green bag and place on the pavement
Plastic bags Please put in your black bin/red & white striped bag, or take to recycling point at your local supermarket
Soil or rubble Please take to local household recycling centre or arrange a free bulky collection
Juice cartons (Tetra paks - a waxy cardboard carton for fruit juices, milk, wine and other liquids) Please take to local household recycling centre
Plant pots Please take to local household recycling centre
Certain harmful weeds (common ragwort, spear thistle, creeping thistle, curled dock, broad leaved dock and Japanese knotweed) Please contact a specialist waste contractor
Wood e.g sheds and fence panels Please take to local household recycling centre or arrange a free bulky collection
Lawnmowers and other electrical garden equipment Please take to local household recycling centre or arrange a free bulky collection
 * We are aware that there are green bins in Cardiff that state that cardboard can go into your garden waste. These are stock bins from 10 years+ and our recycling schemes have developed since then.

If you would like a new sticker for your bin to remind you not to place cardboard into it, please contact us

  • You must not line your green wheelie bin with a bag.
  • Garden waste must go in loose- no bags thank you.

Do not overfill your bin or sacks. If your bin/sack is too heavy, there are risks to our collection crew and the public as bins may fall off the bin lift.

Green wheelie bins or reusable garden waste sacks are collected:

  • once every two weeks in summer, and 
  • once every 4 weeks in winter

Reusable garden waste sacks or wheelie bins must be put out on the kerbside before 6am on the day of collection, or no earlier than 4:30pm the day before.

Collections run throughout the day from 6am till 10pm.

Both green bins and reusable sacks can be ordered by contacting C2C on (029) 2087 2087

Payments can only be made by card.

You will need to advise us if you are ordering a replacement bin or reusable sacks, please specify whether you are ordering additional sacks/bins or if you are ordering them for the first time. 

Unfortunately you are unable to decide whether you receive sacks/bins as this is decided for you.​

​​​Item ​Charge
​Green bin ​£25
​Reusable sacks ​£2 per sack
Charges apply for all purchases, regardless of whether they are replacements or being purchased for the first time. 

The only exception is wheeled bins that are damaged through wear and tear e.g. wheel broken, lid broken off hinge (full details of all this is available in the charging policy​​​​​​Link opens in a new window )

Sacks/bins are delivered within 15 working days. You don’t need to be in for the delivery to take place as bins will be left in the frontage of a property. 

If you’d prefer the sack/bin to be delivered to an alternative location e.g. neighbours address, place of work (within Cardiff) please request this when you order.

Sacks can also be collected, and paid for at Waste Management, Lamby Way Depot. Monday-Friday 8.30-4pm