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Kerbside food caddies

Food caddies are for all your unwanted cooked or raw food, including fruit and vegetable peelings, left-overs, egg shells, tea bags and coffee grounds. 

They are collected every week. 

When are my bins collected?


Caddies must be put out on the kerbside before 6:00am on the day of collection and no earlier than 4:30pm the day before.


Collections run throughout the day from 6am till 10pm.

Please return your emptied bins and food caddies to your property boundary by 9am the day after collection.  This will limit the potential of theft and/ or damage by another person.


If your kerbside caddy is lost or damaged you can order a replacement online​.


How to use your kitchen and kerbside caddies


  • Line your kitchen caddy with the caddy liners provided and fill it with food
  • Remove all packaging and wrappings from food before putting it in your caddy
  • When the bag is full tie it closed and put it into your larger kerbside caddy
  • Put the kerbside caddy on the pavement in time for your weekly collection
  • Please do not use plastic bags or the white bio-bags to line your kerbside caddy
  • You will have the same food caddy system whether you are in a wheelie bin or bin bag area


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