There are many materials that can be recycled at the recycling centres, in addition to what is collected kerbside in your green recycling bags. Therefore please try to separate as much of your waste to recycle as possible. Our recycling attendants on site may ask you what is in closed waste bags and ask you to separate waste if a recycling skip is available.

The following items are accepted at the city's three Household Recycling Centres.


Aerosols​ WI_0012_Food tins cans.jpg
Food and Drink Cans​
WI_0004_Corrugated card.jpg
​Cardboard WI_0005_Mixed paper.jpg
WI_0019_Mixed glass.jpg
​Mixed Glass WI_0008_PLastic packaging.jpg
​Household Plastic Packaging


Large Electrical Appliances    ​ WI_0027_Fridges.jpg
​Fridges and Freezers
WI_0021_Tvs and amonitors.jpg
​TVs and Monitors WI_0022_telecoms.jpg
​Telecoms and Computers
WI_0023_Small applicances.jpg
​Small Electrical Appliances WI_0024_Mobile phones.jpg
​Mobile Phones
​Batteries WI_0020_MIxed lighbulbs.jpg
​Florescent tubes and Lightbulbs

​Rubble WI_0029_Soil.jpg

* Please note, soil and rubble must be transported in bags to be emptied out at the recycling centre.  We can only accept a limit of 6 x 20kg soil/ rubble bags per property each day.

Media (books and CDs)    ​ WI_0006_Mixed textiles.jpg
​Mixed textiles and clothes
​Paint WI_0031_Wood.jpg
​Wood and Timber
WI_0013_Garden waste.jpg
​Garden Waste WI_0017_Cooking oil.jpg
​Vegetable oil
WI_0035_use oil.jpg
​Used engine oil WI_0034_Car battery.jpg
​Car Batteries
WI_0010_Scrap metal.jpg
​Scrap Metal WI_0003_Books.jpg ​Books

WI_0009_Household waste.jpg
Household Waste​

  • General household waste – There is plenty of opportunity to recycle a large variety of things at the recycling centre.  Please separate out as much recyclable materials from your waste as possible before visiting to make sure a limited amount is being placed in this skip.  General household waste should be a last resort.

WI_0001_Household chemicals.jpg
Household and garden chemicals​

  • Household and garden chemicals - We can accept small amounts of household chemicals. These need to be in a sealed bottle, and clearly labelled or they will not be accepted



As well as items on the main list above, additional items are accepted at Bessemer Close and Lamby Way.

Bessemer Close​ ​ Lamby Way​ ​
WI_0002_Gas bottles.jpg
​Gas Bottles WI_0002_Gas bottles.jpg ​Gas Bottles
​Cartons WI_0030_Plasterboard.jpg
WI_0030_Plasterboard.jpg ​Plasterboard Bikes ​Bikes   
Bikes ​Bikes    WI_0033_tyres.jpg
WI_0028_UPVC Windows.jpg
​UPVC Windows


Items not accepted at any Household Recycling Centre

We do not accept the following items at any of our Household Recycling Centres:

  • Asbestos - Asbestos can only be collected by licensed companies. Please see the asbestos page for more information.


Clinical or infectious waste, for example:

  • syringes
  • any item that may be soiled by blood or bodily fluids


If you have large amounts of clinical waste you need to arrange a special collection so that the waste can be incinerated, please contact your local GP for a referral.



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