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Other ways to recycle and reuse

Recycling items to make them into new materials, or donating them to be reused is good for the environment. It can be cheaper than using raw materials, it can mean less energy is used and that less rubbish ends up in landfill.


By recycling you can help preserve the earth's natural resources and protect the environment for you and future generations.


Over 80% of your household waste can be recycled or composted.


The Top 5 recyclable materials found in your household waste are:


  • paper – eg; newspapers, magazines, catalogues and phone directories
  • glass – jam jars, sauce and condiment bottles
  • metal – food tins, drinks cans and aluminium take-away food trays
  • plastic – plastic bottles, food trays and yogurt pots
  • organic waste - food, flowers and garden clippings


Information about how to separate your waste for recycling.


If you have a big household item such as furniture you no longer want, you can arrange a bulky item collection.


The Recycle for WalesExternal link opens in a new window website also has useful information and facts about recycling and reusing.