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​​​Weeds can affect the overall appearance of our city as well as causing damage to surfaces, buildings and can obstruct drains. We are responsible for weed control on public land, which includes:

  • ​roads, 
  • pavements, 
  • kerbs, 
  • gullies, 
  • footpaths, 
  • parks and 
  • cemeteries. 

We do not maintain land that is privately owned.​​​

Controlling weeds

We spray weeds in the spring and summer months. Once an area has been sprayed, it takes roughly two to three weeks for weeds to die off. Our teams start early in the morning so you may not always see them, and our programme is dependent on the weather, as we do not spray when it is windy or wet.

Weeds are sprayed with a low toxicity herbicide (Glyphosate) which can be used safely without harming people or animals, however weeds may return between treatments. Find out about our environmental policy on controlling weeds​.

Report a problem with weeds

If you are concerned that there is a problem with weeds in your area, please let us know.


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