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Changes to bagged general waste collections

​​​​If you live in a bag area we are changing the way you put out general waste for collection. If you use red striped bags, once you have finished your supply you will need to use black bags.

​This is based on feedback that red striped bags can be difficult to use. You’ve told us that they can be difficult to get hold of, particularly if you live in a shared household, or have just moved into a property.

The changes will also save £50,000 which will be used to expand recycling services across the city.

From 1 July​, you can put out up to 3 black bags on your general waste collection date.

If you still have red striped bags at your property, you can use these. Then move to black bags when they have run out.

We will no longer deliver red striped bags. You will need to buy your own black bags to use. These must be a standard size bag (around 60 litres).

Properties using black wheelie bins will not be affected by this change.

Do not use carrier bags, or any other coloured bag after you have finished using your red striped bags. You can only use black bags for your general waste.​

Your black bags should be put outside your own property for collection. 

Incorrect use of green recycling bags may result in a Fixed Penalty Notice being issued.

Putting out more than 3 bags

Most households can only put out 3 bags per collection.

You must not put out any more than 3 bags per collection, unless you have spoken with our team and they have approved additional bags.

The letter we send to you will let you know how many bags you can put out. Our collection crews will know if you have been approved to put out more than 3 bags.

Living in a Household of Multiple Occupation (HMO) or house converted into flats

Our collection crews will know if your property is a registered HMO, or if your house has been converted into flats. Our collection crews will know to collect more than 3 bags from outside your property.​​​

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