Compost bins are available to Cardiff residents for £7.


Compost bins are available to collect Monday-Friday, between 12:00pm to 4:00pm from:


Lamby Way Depot


Cash and card payments are accepted.


Container sizes:


  • Compost bins - 330 litres


Order a free composting booklet

You can call 029 2087 2087 to order a free ‘Composting for All’ booklet, or you can ask for one when you go to pick up your compost bin.


Tips on how to start composting at home


  • You can buy a compost bin or make one yourself. Make sure the bin has a lid to stop the compost becoming water logged when it rains
  • Put your compostable garden clippings and food waste into the compost bin
  • Spreading a little ready-made compost will help the pile get going. You can also buy compost accelerants from garden centres
  • Keep the compost pile moist; it should be damp to the touch, but not wet
  • Leave the pile for about a week, the compost will begin to bake and get warm. This is part of the natural rotting process
  • Add air to the pile by stirring or turning with a fork
  • Your pile will get smaller. This is a good sign that the compost is being formed. If the compost begins to go slimy, add some cardboard for extra fibre
  • If you mix the pile every week, it should be ready in about two months. If you don't turn the mix it may take up to a year to form compost