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Cardiff Council

Development Monitoring

We check the amount of Housing and Commercial development that is happening in Cardiff. This allows us to see if plans and proposals are being carried out successfully and to review Cardiff's development needs.


Monitoring information collected helps us to prepare reports for plans and proposals, including: 


  • land allocations and sites with planning permission
  • amount of land available for development
  • development under construction
  • development completed
  • comparisons with previous


Office monitoring and monitoring of Business and Industrial land covers all information in the above list.

Details of specific monitoring


The Annual Monitoring Report - enables the implementation of the Local Development Plan to be assessed. It must be submitted to the Welsh Government by 31st October each year following adoption of the LDP. 

Hotel monitoring
- includes checking the take up of land for hotels in Cardiff. The report includes details of existing hotels with over 25 rooms, current planning applications, site under construction and sites with planning permission.

Housing monitoring - includes further details about sites classified by Greenfield/Brownfield, by sector and area and the mapping of all sites of 10 units and over.

Retail monitoring - involves carrying out retail floorspace surveys in the district and local centres. We also provide an up to date picture of the range and type of out of centre retail floorspace and development activity in Cardiff.  Reports include information about location, size and occupancy of existing development.

Waste Monitoring - The Waste Sites Schedule lists all current waste management facilities in Cardiff. This is updated once a year.

Minerals Monitoring - we check all minerals development in Cardiff. The Minerals Register lists all planning permissions for mineral working.

The following development monitoring publications are available upon request. Please send details of your request along with a cheque payable to ‘Cardiff County Council’ to:


Strategic Planning
Room 201 County Hall
Atlantic Wharf
CF10 4UW


Business and Industrial Land

  • Business and Industrial Landbank Monitoring Schedule. July annually. £40.00
  • Business Class Office development. July annually. £20.00



  • Hotel Information Bulletin. July annually. £15.00



  • Out of Centre Retail Stores. January/July. £30.00



  • Housing Monitoring Schedule. April annually. £30.00 
  • Housing Monitoring Map


Waste Facilities

  • Waste Sites Schedule. July annually. £10.00
  • Minerals Register. March 2007. £15.00


Joint Housing Land Availability Studies


Local authorities in Wales have to complete housing land availability studies each year to monitor the supply of housing land in their areas. The Studies are prepared with a common base date of 01 April every year to provide an all-Wales picture.

This study demonstrates whether or not Cardiff has sufficient land that is available, or will become available, for a five-year supply of land for housing.

Please contact us to request a copy of the report.


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