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Cardiff Council

Session 5

Rep ID​ Representor Name (Agent)​ Statement​ Attended
Cardiff Council - All SITES HS5 Cardiff Council.pdf Y
1059 Design Commission for Wales - ALL SITES N
2344 Welsh Water – ALL SITES HS5 (2344) WW.pdf Y
A.Cardiff Central Enterprise Zone & Regional Transport Hub ​ ​
1034 Cardiff Cycling Campaign D3 Y
2554 Glen House Estates (DPP) D2,D3 N
2518 Cardiff Civic Society HS5 A (2518) CSS.pdf Y
2475​ Max Wallis​ Y
2432​ Cardiff Bus Users​ Y
B. Former Gas Works, Ferry Road

National Grid Property Holdings Ltd & Wales & West

(Planning Perspectives) D2

HS5 (2520) NGPH.pdf Y
H. South of St Mellons Business Park (Employment only) / AS(D)6​ ​
1204 Welsh Government D4 HS5 Sites A B H (1204) WG.pdf Y
2044 E & M Roberts A29 N
2380 Newport City Council D5 N
2449 Gillian Brightmore D3 N
2518 Cardiff Civic Society A10 N
2535 RSPB Cymru D3 Y
2548 Natural Resources Wales D9, A42 HS5 H (2548) NRW_pdf Redacted.pdf Y
2576 Deb Howell D8 N
Non-Participant Statements
Alder King - Strategic Site H HS5 Site H (Alder King)_pdf Redacted.pdf

Nigel Roberts Property & Park Properties (RPS)

Site H

HS5 (NRP) Evidence_pdf.pdf
Matters Arising Documents
Ref Document Name Submitted by
AP5 Action Points.pdf Inspector/Council
AP1.2, AP2.1, AP3.1-7 & AP5.1​ Repsonse to Housing Related Action Points (Bundle).pdf Council Apr-15​
AP5.3​ MA5.2 Action Point 3 of session 5 Strategic Site A (Schematic Framework).pdf Council
AP5.​2 Action point 2 from Hearing Session 5.pdf Council
AP5.4​ Response to Action Point 4 of HS5.pdf Council Apr-15​
AP5.5​ Response to Action Point 5 of HS5.pdf Council Apr-15​