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Cardiff Council

Session 2


    Wednesday 14 January 2015 10.00am

    Room D, City Hall, Cardiff 

Rep ID​Representor Name (Agent)​Statement​ Attended
Cardiff Council HS2 Cardiff Council.pdf        Y
1034 Cardiff Cycling Campaign D2     Y
1094 Home Builders Federation D4, D6 HS2 (1094) HBF.pdf       Y​
1204 Welsh Government D2 HS2 (1204) WG.pdf       Y​
2344 Welsh Water HS2 (2344) WW.pdf       Y​
2354 Mr J D Suthers D1     N
2450 Radyr Golf Club D2     N
2451 Cardiff Gate Intl. Business Park (BW) D1     N
2459 St Fagans Community Council D7 HS2 (2459) SFCC.pdf       Y​
2468 Memory Lane Cakes (BW) D4     N
2475 Max Wallis D8 HS2 (2475) Wallis.pdf       Y​
2487 Ely Bridge Dev. Co. (P Cole) D4,D5     N
2493 Save Creigiau Action Group D5     Y
2498 Cllr Graham Thomas D5,D8     Y
2518 Cardiff Civic Society D1, D3 HS2 (2518) CCS.pdf       Y​
Radyr & Morganstown CC D8,D10,D21,D22,D23,
HS2 (2524) RMCC.pdf       Y​
Lisvane Community Council (Mango) D6​​
HS2 (2527) LCC.pdf       Y​
2558 Llandaff Society D8,D6,D11 HS2 (2558) LS.pdf       Y​
2461 St Fagans Nos.1,2&3 Trust (NLP)

HS2 (2461) SFT.PDF

HS2 (2461) Appendix.pdf

2305 John Jones HS2 (2305) Jones.pdf       Y
2470 Redrow Homes Ltd (RPS) HS2 (2470) Redrow.pdf       Y
2519 Mark Drakeford & Kevin Brennan HS2 (2519) Drakeford.pdf      Y​
2533 Westgate Park Cardiff Ltd (Savills) HS2 (2533) Westgate.pdf      Y​
1010 Barratt South Wales Ltd HS2 (1010) Barratt.pdf      Y​

NE Cardiff Landowners Consortium
& Taylor Wimpey (David Lock)


HS2 (2441) NECLC TW.pdf 

HS2 (2441) Appendix.pdf


Matters Arising Documents
Ref Document Name Submitted by
AP2 Action Points.pdf Inspector/Council
AP1.2, AP2.1, AP3.1-7 & AP5.1​ Repsonse to Housing Related Action Points (Bundle).pdf Council Apr-15
AP2.2, 6.2, 7.1&3, 8.1&3, 10.13, 12.1, 13.16 & 16.2​ Response to Action Points Embedding master planning.pdf Council Apr-15
AP2.3-7 & AP14.1&2​ Response to Action Points 3 -7 of HS2 and 1-2 of HS14.pdf Council Apr-15
MA14.1​ Draft Infrastructure Plan as requested by Inspectors.pdf Council May-15