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Cardiff Council

Session 13



      Tuesday 10 February 2015 10.00am

      Room D, City Hall, Cardiff 

      POLICIES KP16-KP18, EN1-11 & EN14

Rep ID​ Representor Name (Agent)​ Statement​ Attended
Cardiff Council HS13 Cardiff Council.pdf Y
1204 Welsh Government D13, D14,D16,D17 HS13 (1204) WG.pdf Y
Reservoir Action Group D1,D3,D5
Cllr Joe Boyle D1-D3
HS13 (2416) Boyle.pdf Y
Bovis Homes D4
Radyr and Morganstown CC D39,D52
Natural Resources Wales D23,D24,D38,D40,D42-D45,D49
HS13 (2548) NRW_pdf.pdf Y
Llandaff Society D10
HS13 (2558) LS.pdf Y
2518 Cardiff Civic Society​ HS13 (2518) CCS.pdf Y
2459 St Fagans Community Council Y
Matters Arising Documents
Ref Document Name Submitted by
AP13 ​ Action points.pdf Inspector/Council​
AP13.2​ Response to Action Point 2 of HS13.pdf Council Apr-15​
AP1.7 & AP13.3 Revised Statement in response to Action Point 7 of HS1 and 3 of HS13 (Jun-15).pdf Council
P11.6, AP13.9 & AP16.1​ AP11.6, AP13.9 and AP16.1 Action Point 6 of HS11, Action Point 9 of HS13 and Action Point 1 of HS16.pdf Council
AP13.1​ AP13.1 Action Point 1 of HS13.pdf Council​
AP13.6​ AP13.6 Action 6 of HS13.pdf Council​
AP13.7​ AP13.7 Action Point 7 of HS13.pdf Council​
AP13.8​ Response to Action Point 8 of HS13.pdf Council Apr-15​
AP13.10​ AP13.10 Action Point 10 of HS13.pdf Council​
AP13.11​ Response to Action Point 11 of HS13.pdf Council Apr-15​
AP9.5, AP10.1 & AP13.12-14​ Response to Action Point 5 of HS9, 1 of HS10  & 12 to 14 of HS13.pdf Council Apr-15​
AP13.15​ AP13.15 Action Point 15 of HS13.pdf Council​
AP2.2, 6.2, 7.1&3, 8.1&3, 10.13, 12.1, 13.16 & 16.2​ Response to Action Points Embedding master planning & Infrastructure into the Plan Related Action Points.pdf Council Apr-15​
AP13.4&5​ AP13.4 and 5 Action Points 4 and 5 of HS13.pdf Council