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Cardiff Council

Session 10



      Wednesday 4 February 2015 10.00am

      Room D, City Hall, Cardiff


      POLICIES KP9, KP10, EC1, EC3, R1-R4, R7

    Matters & Issues Agenda (pdf)
    Rep ID​ Representor Name (Agent)​ Statement​ Attended
    Cardiff Council

    HS10 Cardiff Council.pdf

    HS10 Cardiff Council Erratum Tables.pdf

    1168 St David’s Partnership / Land Securities (NLP) D1-D5 Y
    Cardiff Gate Int. Business Park (BW) D8
    HS10 (2451) CGIBP.pdf Y
    Memory Lane Cakes (BW) D2,D6
    AB Ports (RPS) D1-D3,D8
    Cardiff Gate Pradera (RPS) D1
    HS10 (2472) CGP.pdf Y
    2518 Cardiff Civic Society  D4-D6 HS10 (2518) CCS.pdf Y
    2548 Natural Resources Wales D17,D36 HS10 (2548) NRW Redacted.pdf N
    2557 Valad Europe Plc (WYG) D2,D3 Y
    2461 St Fagans Nos.1,2&3 Trust (NLP) HS10 (2461) SFT.pdf Y
    Non-Participant Statements
    2558 Llandaff Society HS10 (2558) LS.pdf
    Matters Arising Documents
    Ref Document Name Submitted by
    AP6.1 Action Point 1 of Hearing Session 6 (Strategic Site F and G).pdf Council
    AP10 Action Points.pdf
    AP9.5, AP10.1 & AP13.12-14​ Response to Action Point 5 of HS9, 1 of HS10  & 12 to 14 of HS13.pdf Council Apr-15
    AP10.5,6,8-12&14 Action Points 5,6,8-12 and 14 of HS10.pdf Council
    AP10.2-4​ Action Points 2,3,4 of HS10.pdf Council
    AP10.7​ Response to Action Point 7 of HS10.pdf Council Apr-15​​
    AP2.2, 6.2, 7.1&3, 8.1&3, 10.13, 12.1, 13.16 & 16.2​ Response to Action Points Embedding master planning & Infrastructure into the Plan Related Action Points.pdf Council Apr-15​​