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Cardiff Council

Deposit Plan

The Deposit Local Development Plan is a draft version of the LDP. It sets out the Council's proposed planning policy up to the year 2026, identifying what can be built and where. Based on all the information gathered and responses to the previous stages of consultation the plan sets out: 

  • a strategy, objectives and key policies,
  • policies to promote and control development,
  • allocations of land for housing, employment and other uses,
  • policies and proposals to protect sensitive areas, including a Green Belt, and
  • maps showing proposals and constraints. 

On 26 September 2013 the Council approved, for consultation purposes, the Deposit LDP, together with the supporting documents and the Final Sustainability Appraisal Report.   

Public consultation on the Plan took place for a six week period from 15 October 2013 to 26 November 2013.  The consultation is now closed.


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Erratum - Policy C4 of Cardiff Deposit Local Development Plan (Page 172) 


Please note that due to unforeseen reasons while re-formatting the above document from Microsoft Word to the Objective Publishing Software, the wording to Policy C4 "Provision for Open Space, Outdoor Recreation and Sport" on page 172 was incorrect in the document on the Council's website between the start of the consultation period on Tuesday 15 October until Monday 21 October 2013 and in any printed copies given out up to Friday 18 October 2013. 


The wording to Policy C4 has now been corrected and reads as follows: 




Provision for open space, outdoor recreation and sport will be sought in conjunction with all new residential developments. This policy is aimed at securing the provision or improvement of open space and other appropriate outdoor recreation and sport in conjunction with all new residential developments over 8 units and on site provision of functional open space in conjunction with all new residential developments over 14 units. The appropriate amount of multi functional green space is based on a minimum of 2.43 hectares of functional open space per 1,000 projected population. All other open space provision will be in addition to the provision of multi functional green space. 


Importantly, it is also confirmed that this was the wording in the Deposit Local Development Plan approved by Council on the 26 September 2013.


The Council regrets any inconvenience caused but has acted promptly to correct this matter as soon as it came to light.  (21 October 2013).


Deposit Plan Background Technical Papers and Assessments


A range of Background Technical Papers and Assessments have been prepared to offer more information and to provide an explanation of the approach taken in the Deposit LDP in relation to the different topics and issues affecting Cardiff. 


1.    Population and Housing


2.    Urban Capacity Study


3.    Green Belt


4.    Economic


5.    Transportation



6.    Infrastructure Plan


7.    District and Local Centres


8.    City Centre Protected Shopping Frontages Assessment


9.    Minerals


10.  Waste


11.  Final Sustainability Appraisal Non Technical Summary


12.  Final Sustainability Appraisal Report



13. Habitat Regulations Appraisal



14. Health Impact Assessment


15. Equality Impact Assessment


16. Initial Consultation Report


17. Masterplanning Framework


18. Summary of cross-boundary working