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Cardiff Council

Repair and reproduction of windows and doors

​​​If you are repairing or replacing windows or doors (866kb PDF)​​​​​​​​​​Link opens in a new window in a listed building or in a conservation area it is likely that special planning policies and controls will apply, leading to a requirement for planning permission or listed building consent. We are often asked for names and addresses of window repairers, manufacturers or suppliers.

Although we cannot make any direct recommendations, we are able to supply a list of companies who have undertaken traditional window/door replacement and refurbishment works in Cardiff.

Please remember that in order to preserve historic fabric and character, repair is almost always preferable to replacement, with the additional benefit of not requiring planning permission. You should always check if listed building consent is required.


It is stressed that the list is not one of recommended suppliers: further trades persons, companies or suppliers can be found in Yellow Pages and other directories. Ultimately, enquirers must satisfy themselves of the likely price and quality of materials and workmanship. It is also important to check that the appropriate drawings can be prepared by the company chosen.

If permission is required for the works you have in mind, pre-application discussions may well save time and delay at the application stage. An indication of whether planning permission or listed building consent is required may be obtained by asking for the Council’s Development Management Team by contacting us.